We at NZ GAGU Furniture are focused on providing a range of IKEA and Korea furniture brands to design your home and office. As there are a wide range of products in IKEA and Korea furniture brands, we do not have them all in stock. As this is the case, we offer a pre-order service. So, if you would like to secure a product you like of a specific design and colour that is unavailable from our store, please place an order before the closing date of the Pre-order per container.

Brand Find the product(s) from
     IKEA - Standard (Listed on our website) Here! At GAGU Furniture website.
     IKEA - Specific products (NOT listed on our website) IKEA websites in all countries.
     GAGU - Market B Market B website: [Click here]
     GAGU - All the other brands. Here! At GAGU Furniture website.

Pre-order timeframe

Our regular container schedule will be every two months. We will list the container shipping schedule manually. We hope we can make a fixed date for each container schedule someday! In the meantime, please kindly refer to the Pre-order schedule for our next container shipment’s Estimated Arrival (ETA) to NZ port date and Pre-order closing date.
K020 - OPEN
Container NumberK020 – IKEA Furniture & GAGU
Pre-order Closing Date31 / March / 2024
Estimated time of container arrival (ETA) to NZ portMid of May 2024

Pre-order payment

* Please make sure your orders are paid before the pre-order close date so that your order will be included in our next purchase order cycle.

Cancellation policy

To cancel a pre-order, there is a lot of work involved for our team here in NZ and overseas. We are very careful in choosing what we must import under this high shipping cost period. Therefore, a cancellation policy will be applied against the orders. Please read through our cancellation policy carefully before you proceed to making a pre-order with us.
Product TypeCancellation of Pre-order
IKEA - Standard (Listed on our website)Deposit (20%) will NOT be refunded
IKEA - Specific products (NOT listed on our website)Deposit (50%) will NOT be refunded
GAGU - Every other brands products exclude IKEA (Listed or NOT listed on our website)Deposit (50%) will NOT be refunded
For product warranty, returns and damage claims, please read here.

What we can not source

We regret that we are unable to source any household electrical products from IKEA due to New Zealand regulatory requirements. While we do not anticipate any safety issues that exist with IKEA’s electrical goods, at NZ GAGU Furniture we abide by the mandatory requirements.
Check out more information about Electrical safety Compliance from here.

Other things to know

We understand it is important that you receive your products as quickly as possible. Please understand that many factors could delay your order, for example, customs inspection, container x-rays, bad weather, etc. If we experience any delay, we will post the delay notice on our "Pre-Order Service" page and email you with the updated delivery time. We will use our best endeavours to obtain the product. However, if the products you ordered are discontinued or temporarily out of stock due to unforeseen reasons, we will contact you as soon possible to provide you with alternative options. In a situation, where we cannot fulfil your order and you wish to cancel, you can simply let us know and we will make a refund back to your account.
How to request a Pre-order quote for NOT listed itmes?
  • Go to the Market B website or any country IKEA website depends on your needs.
  • Add the products you are interested in to your cart.
  • Screenshot of your cart list.
  • Enquiry with the screenshot via email:

Our staff will respond within 24 hours.

Commercial bulk orders

If you want to bring a much larger customized order for commercial fit-outs, such as an Ikea kitchen, fit-outs for offices, cafes, restaurants, models, retail stores, we can also help you with this with a very competitive price.

Need some ideas or have any questions about pre-order? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service team!